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Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 04:27 pm

i can't believe i didn't post on april 26.

Sat, Apr. 9th, 2005, 08:52 pm

They said it was for the black man they said it was for the mexican but not for the white man but if you look at the streets it wasn't about Rodney King--it's this fucked up situation and these fucked up police. It's about comin up and stayin on top and scream 1-8-7 on a mother fuckin cop.

Volleyball tourn in RI tomorrow and if we don't place skulls will be cracked. My serves have been the hottest thing next to the sun but i'm a little worried cos i've been ultra slow lately.hmph.

Boys volleyball=scouting out pretty boys from different towns.
I love limewire. Sublime and Snoop. Enough said. It's good to know some of them have some taste. Why is it that only rappers have the gall to keep the dead alive?
I listened to TBS today and it was eery and entertaining remembering that somewhere there's a video of us in eighth grade singing it at a rally.

Spent the past 48 hours in my room sleeping, eating or doing laundry. that's it. i have a window.
What's the difference between me pretending to be Jewish and me pretending to be Christian?

GAHHHHHHHHH. I need a good scream. and 75 degree whether.
and i'm a little ecstatic because i have hit the jackpot... GLC with ICE T...ICE T!!! i'm so excited i think i peed my pants a little.

--In the immortal words of The Doors, the time to hesitate is through.

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 07:51 pm

Pretty much Jess had better be freaking peeing her pants in excitement for her present. It's bitching and i haven't missed a birthday since what 5th grade...don't think you're getting out of it.

People all over the world join hands and start a love train. Love train.

I got a welt from my own handcuff. pah.

Why is there a skatepark here?
What am I, your guardian.
Stop wearing that.

Jess McDermott I'm watching you. Forgotten Fairytales.

Take Me Connecticut.

Tue, Mar. 29th, 2005, 05:32 pm

A. Empire Records is the shit
B.CAPT is way better than going to class
C. I really like my balloon
D. I'm glad I picked NUI, I really like it, but now i need a job...
E. I kinda forgot.

F. is for Farrell.
Please keep the crowd under control
This is a matter of life and death and we're not prepared. I just want you to know.
G. I looked like a girl today *thumbs up* I hope.
H. volleyball in PE is very rewarding when there's no jewish chinese man yelling at you...or even worse NOT yelling at you. if you know what i mean

I. got pretty much THE most kick ass poster for my room from rah.

^ win.

i can't swallow right now. i'm a tad worried

p.s. lunch today was pretty much awesome today and i expect the same tomorrow...really.

Sun, Mar. 27th, 2005, 07:51 pm

I just found that kick a ring that mon gave me last summer, with all the jingly things on it. it's awesome.
Easter in the Farrell house at Farrell square, fun like always.
Talking to elliot and sititng here with noise cancelling headphones on....it's fun I can hear my heartbeat.
Stole my sisters CD's to make copies and am very excited that there is no school tomorrow.

Went to the gym today and broke all my bones and now i hurt.
Stinky is going back to jessies tomorrow:( i'll miss her.
gotta go k bye.

Fri, Mar. 25th, 2005, 02:26 pm

last.fm is brilliant
just decided to get off my ass and unload benjiman

duckarsed. i remembered that today.


Wed, Mar. 23rd, 2005, 07:12 pm

Don't fuck with Min Ji


"I'm so excited for Monday--I think I'm gonna pee my pants! Can I tweet?"<--only my favourite volleyball player ever.

Thu, Mar. 10th, 2005, 06:46 pm
the best saga EVER courtesy of me and wade

One, sunny afternoon, Tony and Yorky were walking through Templebar, clutching Dutch Gold (the king of all cheep beer) and smokes. The day looked smashing from their point of view, a perfect Saturday, drink, drugs, numerous drunken,easy girls. But then it started to rain, it rained and rained and they had to shelter under the roof of the Central Bank. Where they talked to to lovely ladies, unlike the rest of them. Their names were Caitlin and Striveo.
The rain wouldnt stop and soon, they decided to leave, as their poor attempts at a joint kept getting wet. So they got the bus back to Tonys house in Cabra, because Yorkys house in .......(insert place name here) was too far away and they were hungry for dutch cripbakes and cheeses all washed down with some nice Dutch Gold. Plus there were so many in Tonys family no one would notice them rolling the odd joint or taking the odd bit of speed. Well, as the evening wore on, we find the two boys, Tony lying on a sleeping bag on the couch, trying to paint Yorkys toenails while balancing cigarette, and yorky with his feet ont he couch while lying on a mattres on the floor, in bright orange tartan pyjammas. Tony wearing an odd set of boxers and an Ireland t-shirt. While doing all this, in the backround The Wizard of Oz was playing on the big screen tv, 'Yorky! Man! stop moving! youre meant to be on suicide watch, you feckin idiot! How are we going to see it now!' says Tony angrily. 'Well if you wouldnt keep fucking getting nailpolish all over my cuticles maybe I could concentrate better!' Yorky makes a swipe at Tonys head causing him to spill the nailpolish everywhere! Tonys mother, Rosemary, walks in, finding them beating the crap out of each other. She cant get them to stop and there is blood and black nail varnish everywhere! In the end shes threatens to take away their blow and they stop immediately, and settle down to a few drags (ha, a few!). And soon theyre laughing (and bleeding) hysterically (yes, bleeding hysterically too). Soon, they are snoozing peacefully, the hours pass....'Tony, duuude, are you awake'...Yorky speaks.
Tony stirs awake, 'Remember those girls today?' 'yeh' 'well, eh, what did you think about that Caitlin one? pretty hot huh?' 'Well actually, I kinda liked that Striveo one' 'Hey do you wanna find them?!' 'yeh ok! are you hungry? I have a quarter in my room' and so off they tottered and made hash brownies to fill their tums and they sat around planning and making lists all night of how to find those two mysterious girls again, and talking about their past relationships, 'its not that Im a male whore Yorky, its just that no-one understands me! I bet Striveo would!' 'I understand Tony! yeh and I onl beat people up to get peoples attention, like Caitlin, oh Caitlin! do you think we'll see them again Tony?' 'We will if I have anything to do with it!' and at that moment in walks Tony senior, 'I see you pulled an all nighter boys? Hows about some pancakes then?' and the whole of Tonys family settle down to pancakes and Golden syrup. Tune in next week for the adventures of TONY AND YORKY and the 'Quest to find Striveo and Caitlin'.
We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode-'the Death-overs!'
(what Tony says is in Blue, Yorkys in Green')

'Tony, Ive had the greatest idea!', 'And what might that be, Yorky'


Yorky decided that, as all girls like shopping, the bast place to find these two girls was to shop, so that morning after a breakfast of pancakes and golden syrup surved up by Tony sr. and Rosemary, they set off with pockets full of money and hopped on the next 70 bus from Cabra. The day started off, with the boys getting refreshing smoothies from 'Nude' Tony getting a mango&passion flavoured one and yorky a bright&berry one. And off they set first rooting through the little shops in Templebar, like 'Fresh' and 'Flip' after a spot of uneasyness about looking like girls they settled down and even began to enjoy looking through racks of trousers and hoodies. Soon, they were looking around for more clothes shops, or other places these girls might be. Walking around, they caught a faint whiff of luciuos soaps and followed the smell, and soon they came across...'LUSH' at first Yorky was hesitant, 'Tony, dude, we cant go in there! We'll never live it down, man' 'dont worry, no one will ever know plus if the girls are in here they'll think we're kind-clean individuals!' so in they walked, cautiously at first, but then started poking around, 'Hey Tony! look how cool this soap looks! Just like cheese!' 'and smell it! its soo...pretty!' Tony gave Yorky a smack on the head and told him he was gay. and this experiment was just to find the girls! But then he got enraptured by the pretty colours in those freeze dealys, 'narcotics'.

TWO HOURS LATER: Out emerge the boys laden with bags, full of delicious smelling goodies. Pleased with their purchases, they wandered down to Georges Street Arcade, and trying to cross the road proved difficult as they couldnt run with all those bags, so they had to wait at the traffic lights. Just then, when they thought they would never find the girls and they were running low on money anyway, they saw them, the two girls, Strivo & Caitlin going down a small road, but they still couldnt get across the road! By the time they had got across the girls were gone, so the went down the road in hot persuit!

Part 3
So down the road they went in pursuit of the two girls. 'Ah fuck man these bags are a bitch' said Tony. 'I know,' said Yorkie, 'I'll threaten someone with a knife and make them carry them for us'
'Oh deadly! Now i can roll a joint whilst on the go.'
'Ya know, they should really have lockers in town so you don't have to carry your bags around all day' thought Yorkie out loud
'I know! She who strives thought of that one!'
'Yeah...well....Me and Caitlin could take you and strivo ANY day'
'Dude Yorkie chill out...the speed is really makin you crazy.'
So Yorkie and Tony soon came across their young victim, an innocent slightly non-dirtbag skanger and, like Yorkie said, threatened them with a knife to carry their lovely smellies, but threw in a joint to keep them enticed. You know them skangers, always looking for a fix. Off they ventured down the road. The soon came across a brightly lit, purple building called The George. 'Dude, Yorkie this looks girly'
'Whatever man lets go in, my feet are sore from all this shopping'
'Don't be gay Yorkie'
*WAPANG* a swift blow to the head made Tony remember what a crazed, violent speed freak Yorkie could be.
So in the two lads walked, unaware of their surroundings since they had never ventured passed the drug and alcohol-infested streets of temple bar, except for the occasional visit to the rocker McDonalds. The facility proved to be a club. There were many, many men, and rainbow lights everywhere.
'Fuck I know this song...what IS it...it's on the tip of my tongue' Pondered Yorkie
**Come a come a come a chameleon....**
'LETS GET HIM' and the two hoodlums pounced through the daintily dressed dancers to then beat boy george senslessly with his own hair. Yorkie, while obviously under the influence of speed, once again tried to punch the security guards who were already unhappy with their actions, and got him and Tony kicked out.
'That was a fuckin sausagefest man' Exclaimed Yorkie
'ugh mingin...' replied Tony
The girls were not to be found in the club so yet further down the road they ventured. Soon they came across the shop with a tree...SPAR!!! So they took a break and held up Spar, stealing all the alcohol and smokes they could. As they exited the crime scene they looked across the street to see...WHELANS!
'Dude, Yorkie, look. Alistair is playing now. Strivo and Caitlin like them!! Maybe they're THERE!
'You better be right man'
**Don't you know you were the one, to save my life**
'Fuck, Tony, this is such chick music I know Caitlin likes heavier shit than this'
'Yeah well so does Strivo...let's go they're not here'
Before they struggled to leave the packed pub, they stayed for a song or two. Yorkie and Tony laughed tremendously as the bearded guitarist dropped his pick numerous times, and how the skin head bassist was far too short for his microphone. So yet again they were out on the street baffled. Suddenly, Yorkie's ears perked up.
'Is it Sunday Tony?'
'Yeah, 10pm why?'
'Listen...it sounds like....like.....RUBBISH!!!'
'THE PETES!!!!' They both exclaimed accompanied by a girlish squeal. Recognizing that their estrogen levels were a bit high they decided to take a drug break. Tony put out his joint and who walked out the door but the Sinister one himself! Yorkie and Tony's charming (and hoodlum-scary ways) influenced Sinster Pete to allow them up to the studio.
'Maybe we can broadcast to Caitlin and Strivo...they'll HAVE to hear us then!'
'Brill idea Yorkie!'
So up the stairs and through the doors they went when suddenly.....THE LIGHTS WENT OUT!!!
to be continued....

Part 4

The corridor was dark, as the made theyre way through the Phantom building, suddenly the door was flung open. It was Sinister Pete, the boys (Tony and Yorkie) were caught off guard by this sinister figure in the shadows, and clutched for each others hands. The sinister one gave them an odd look and asked them what they wanted, so, reluctantly at first they started the story, but as time grew on they were heartfully pouring it out. Sinister Pete saw what a state they were in, But he couldnt just have people waltzing in on their radio show, so he said, I'll let you make an announcement if.......you run across the road and pick out a new snack for 'Snacks Fantastico'! So off they went into the bright outdoors, and across the road! But they had no money left, (after all the lucious goods) so they went on a stealing fest, cookies, odd things from different countries, strangely coloured drinks. All, into their many layers of clothing. So they ran across the road again, and into the building.

When they got upstairs again, it the show was on a musical break, so they emptied out all they had gotten, for the two Petes. At first they were horrified and the boys thought they may have made a terrible mistake, but then the Petes stared at them and said, 'how would you boys like to work for us?' and thats how they got their jobs stealing for phantom. fm! But anyway, thats another story, I got a bit sidetracked there! 'Ok boys you have fifteen seconds air time. starting......now!' Tony looked at Yorkie, Yorkie looked at Tony...tony and Yorkie were both looking at each other! Neither of them knew what to do, and the seconds were ticking by fast...suddenly, Tony and Yorky broke out into 2 part harmony, they sounded like a barbershop quartet, divded by two, plus many years of smoking!

"Oh....Caitlin and Striveooooooo(Caitlin and Striveo) if you are listening! (listening, listening) please come to the Stephans Green park at 4pm tomorrow afternoon (tomorrow afternoo-oo-oon)."

And then the Petes looking very shell-shocked, continued the show. Tony and Yorky, very shocked themselves, decided to take a walk. 'You know Tony, we could go professional!' and with that Yorky recieved yet another slap on the head from Tony, 'youre fuckin gay, man. we're not gonna be f**kin country singers, Yorky, sometimes I think all that speed must have gone to your head'. And with that, Tony turned and walked to the 70 bus stop, while turning back and shouting 'so tomorrow, Stephens Green, 4?' and left Yorky to get his bus the number......(insert number here). Tune in for part 5....(which you have to do, and keep this one!)

So Yorkie and Tony driggedly and giddily marched off to their necessary bus stops not to see achother again until Saturday, for they would be to far too busy skipping school, failing their J.C.'s and doing drugs. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. Then arrived Thursday and Torkie began to worry . He rang Tony's Italian home.
"Penci che fa Ridere, PUNK?!...uhhh hello?" Answered Tony whilst mafia activities took place.
"Dude, It's Yorkie. Ehh what if Caitlin and Strivo didn't hear it??"
"Yorkie stop being so fuckin--"
"Tony if you fuckin finish that sentence I'll beat the shite out of ye"
"Whatever, even if they didn't hear us, we'll see them in Temple Bar. You know, when I'm sitting in that hiding place near The Source....doing blow and scaring unsuspecting citizens....don't worry drive happy!"
"You better be fuckin right. Bye Dickhead."
"Bye Fuckface"
So FINALLY cam Saturday. The boys came in early, about 1 to see if they coudl catch the girls with that shite skateboarder they hang out with early in the day.
"Haha remember when I punched that eejit in the face..ah i never knew it was so possible to be so crap at skateboarding."
"Ha...yeah good times with speed."
The thought of the drugs coaxed the addicts into a quick fix. The 2 lads druggedly engaged in the usual Saturday activities for about 2 hours. The beatings, threats and general looking hot. Tony had the munchies so before meeting Caitlin and Strivo(or so they hoped)they lugged their black-clothed, greasy-gelled hair, and UBER banana bodies to the rocker McDonalds on Grafton. They muched away on Happy meals (yes HAPPY meals) and vowed to, just this once, save their toys for Caitlin and Strivo. Although it completely threw off their collection (they only needed 2 more to make it complete), the girls were worth it, and it was the least they could do. So off they then trucked up Grafton ontheir way to Stephens Green for a date with destiny--I mean Caitlin and Strivo rather, sorry wrong story. Moving swiftly on, nothing stood in their way, except...a street filled with hundreds of shoppers, buskers and beggers. "Well," began Tony, "We've got 15 minuten to get through them...LET'S GO!!!" The boys rampaged through the crowd, knocking over women with Brown Thomas bags. "Serves em right for not buying me speed!" tutted Yorkie. Suddenly Yorkie and Tony began to slow down and turn around. They seemed hypnotized.
"Take my hand....we're off to never never land."
"NOOOOOOO not metallica! Can't resist...must headband, tempation too strong," Struggled Yorkie. And so began a giant freak moshpit around the metal head busker. On and on they went releasing anger into "innocent bystanders". Finally the song ended. With a fat lip and a bloody nose Yorkie looked at his non-existant watch. "Fuck!! We've got 3 minutes!!!"
"Yorkie look at you," Tony began scornfully, "You're all covered in blood. Come here u got some Schmutz," Tony licked his thumb and grabbed for Yorkie's cheek.
"Don't be such a fag, Tony, jaysus we have to go!" Oblivious to all outer surroundings the 2 boys plowed through the crowd and quite dodgily sprinted towards the green which proved quite difficult as Tony had his big freak shoes on. Nearly getting run over crossing the street they finally reached the green. "Shit Tony, we didn't say WHERE!"
"Well start looking, meet me back here in 10 minutes...GO!!!!" And so off they went...

Tony went to the right and Yorky to the left they searched the whole park, running around the lake dealy, and the gates. Eventually, they crashed into each other after turning a corner, Smack! Into each others heads. Confused they lay on the ground, rubbing their poor sore heads, but looked up to hear laughing from a couple of meters away. Suddenly, Caitlin and Striveos heads appeared in view. 'Are you ok?' they asked while smothering giggles. 'Oh! look youre bleeding!' said Caitlin to Yorky, who just looked at her and said, 'I can role a joint faster then him' pointing to Tony 'hey!' said Tony 'thats not fair'. 'I knw' Striveo said 'lets have a competition!' So Yorly an Tony roled as fast as they could, Yorky smacked tony on the head and Tony dropped his half roled joint, then Tony proceeded to kick the crap out of Yorky who retaliated by wrestling him to the ground. They had to be pulled apart by the girls, who were once again laughing uncontrolable. So they strolled around Stephens Green, being entertained by the boys, trying to outdo each other, 'I can jump higher then he can' and 'I can cartwheel! look at me!' and it went on. Mucho laughing tok place that afternoon. 'So what are your names then, boys?' asked Striveo, although she of course already knew. ' Im Tony this is Yorky, I mean, Im Yorky this is Tony' Yorky mumbled, and 'you are?' he asked although again, he already knew of course. Striveo had a camera and had been taking photos all day, 'I know' she said! 'Lets get a group photo!' so they gave the camera to a French lady passing by. 'FROMAIGE!' they all shouted, suddenly the bell chimed, 'Oh my god Striveo! Look at the time' Caitlin said, 'we have to go!' and with that they ran, 'Wait!' Cried Tony and Yorky, 'when will we see you again?' but the girls were gone. So, with that the boys walked slowly to their bus stops, 'Hey, Tony, you wanna come back to my gaff? We got lots of ice-cream' so the boys went back toYorkys and settled down to two tubs of Ben&Jerrys choc fudge ice-cream and 'The Lion King'.

After both belching in satisfaction of the complete consumption of their shokoeis, yorkie leaned close to tony...brushing the hair out of his yes. Yorkie had a funny loook on his face. They sat in silence...neither moved. "HAHA u feckin eejit you've got a dead squirrel in your hair!!!!" Tony pulled a large item out of his hair.

"It's not a squirrel....it's...STRIVO'S SHOE!!!! I can tell cos it's got that squeaky foot dealy-op in it! Yorkie your joint is looking mighty fat...are you sure it's just blow in there?"

Yorkie unrolled his joint to find..."10 OF CAITLIN'S ZOMBIES..DEALY!!'

Now they HAD to find the girls again! The 2 lads quit belly aching and took the next bus into town, despite the fact that it was 11pm and all the skangers were out. Yorkie had street fighting skills as literally deadly as Caitlin's...they were made for eachother. And Tony...well....Tony and strivo...just were meant to be...in their lack of...sluttiness? ANYHOW off they went into town. And who was sitting in the dark of central bank with some drunken religous leaders (Graham, Jesus and the usual random stranger), but Caitlin and Strivo!!! They watched the drunken comics climb random things, although Yorkie and Tony became extremely jealous because they got to hang out with caitlin and strivo. Jealousy ALWAYS leads to violence...hell happiness leads to violence for yorkie! So, of course, Yorkie had to beat the crap out of Graham. The tall curly haired boy backed into a pub chanting, "Don't you know who i AM????" And gone was he. Now, the realy question was, did the girls appreciate this act of love, or was it an act of evil to them??

Yorky flexed his muslces(however its spelt!) and looked over at Caitlin hopefully, who was laughing that crazy laugh at Grahams antics, he thought, 'if caitlin laughts at that guy, maybe I should be more like him?' so he went up to Caitlin and started talking about crazy things and Jesus, and someone called Sexy Mark Brody Brody. Tony looked at him, shaking his head and went over to Striveo, and held out her shoe, 'my shoe!' exclaimed Sriveo, 'how did you know?!' and with that he swept her off her feet and ran through Templebar while romantic music played in the backround. After a while Striveo looked at her watch and realised the time 'quick Tony! Back to the Central Bank!' and he picked her up and off he ran, to the Bank where they found Caitlin with Yorky in a headlock, but a romantic headlock. 'Quick Caitlin! We have to catch that boat to the west, its leaving in 10 minutes!' 'Dont worry, Yorky/Tony, we'll find you again...one day'. And with that they were gone. 'Yorky, man, I think this calls for an adventure!' says Tony.

and so ends series one. Join us, next month for series two 'Tony and Yorky Go West'.

Mon, Mar. 7th, 2005, 08:01 pm
being lazy is taking its toll

ink-link is the reason i breathe.

emma is writing a story about me in creative writing--i'm excited.

Montreal for april vacation...excited but poor.

sleeping in tomorrow morning

job searching after school tomorrow (see the above)

getting strangely excited about this summer

i looked like a girl this morning...but then i covered up the boobs and looked like a boy some more.

brought sister ice cream so now she's not cranky at more

stole mon's fruit snacks...i don't think she noticed except for the fact that i just gave my self away ...way to go stupid.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like you
Even though you're a jew

Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005, 07:36 pm

1. was 5
2. had very long hair
3. hated my sister
4. had a best friend who bit me
5. began dancing

1. was 10
2. was overwhelmingly naive and ignorant
3. loved silly boys
4. had a unibrow!
5. was a blink girl, but still loyal to the lbc

1. was an irish lassie
2. had boyfriends
3. was corrupted
4. had braces
5. opened my eyes

1. got extremely angry
2. obtained a new qualities in my deadbeat dad
3. had like...one friend in this country
4. was very eager
5. was lazy as fuck

1. went to mon's
2. schooled a boy at foosball
3. watched a movie
4. ate asparagus
5. went to big y

1. babysat
2. made plans with emma
3. wrote a group letter to cool kid paul
4. sucked like a whore in geometry
5. made plans with miss bounty

Tomorrow I WILL
1. babysit again
2. sleep like woah
3. eat like woah
4. watch a movie
5. obsess

2. taco smell
3. cadbury
4. roxy
5. kraft

1. cheezits
2. smapples
3. goldfish
5. fruit snacks

FIVE THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT (other than the obvious)
1. macaroni and cheese
2. boys (because girls are eternally on crack)
3. irish (because it brings the craic)
4. pickles
5. lights...i'm afraid of the dark a lot

I WOULD BUY WITH $1,000 ($1,000 for each number, not all together.)
1. drugs
2. a plane ticket and as much time as i could at home
3. video camera
4. lots of hoodies and skirts and pants
5. musik

1. sleeping
2. dreaming
3. twirling my hair
4. cracking my knuckles
5. telling lame stories

1. pink in general
2. white in general
3. long skirts
4. those shirts that say "angel" or "hottie" or "you laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at you cause you're all the same"
5. a mascot suit

1. the simpsons
2. arrested development
3. SNL
4. drew carrie show and who's line is it anyways
5. doug

1. big room 765 warrenville rd.
2. little room 765 warrenville rd.
3. shared room DCU dublin
4. unshared room DCU dublin
5. attic, emmindingen

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